Why We Do It

Recently, we posted a blog article, They Would Have Been Right, written by our own Chef David Thornton, University of Arkansas.  It was about his journey from the fast paced, high-end side of culinary to working in the more intimate, personal side of hospitality through Greek Life.  Of course, there is nothing wrong with that side of culinary, but it does take a toll on many.  Chef David provided a quick summary of how he got here, working with Campus Cooks, and made it clear that he has achieved a balance of work and life.

After my discussion with Chef David, it raised the question of why our Chefs love working with Campus Cooks and being a part of Greek Life.  Several years back when we were working with just a handful of chapters, the most common reason was the work/life balance.  Now, as we work with over 100 fraternities and sororities across the country, I once again asked our chefs why they love what they do.

Our chefs provided a variety of reasons why they love working with Campus Cooks.  The recent hires state the reasons of work/life balance and getting to know dining patterns of the members.  Then there are the chefs that have been with us; the ones that have experienced Parent’s Weekends, Philanthropic Events, and more.  They still love to cook but their passion is based around serving the fraternity or sorority in itself.  The Chef becomes more than an employee in the house, they become a partner.  The support that the chef receives from us allows them to be able to contribute in a variety of ways, strengthening that bond between chef and chapter.  They know they can trust their Chef; they know they can trust him or her to show up, make a good meal, be present/cook for Mom’s Day, Greek Week, or the numerous other events unique to Greek Life.  This is something that not all chapters can say about their chef.

It was very encouraging to read and discuss how much they love doing what they do.  Many stated that they cannot see themselves ever making a change back to restaurant life.  And over the recent years, very, VERY few have.

This is why we do it.  This is more than just cooking great food.  It goes beyond that and no matter the type of program, chef, caterer, or whomever manages your kitchen, we hope you get the same experience as our Chefs provide our chapters.

Below is the Campus Cooks “ALPHA” with quotes from our staff.

Our Commitment to Live the Campus Cooks “ALPHA”

Always growing personally and professionally

“The enormous talent pool we have at every level from which to learn.  I love learning from everyone from the Chefs across the nation to every department in the company.”


Living a healthy work and life balance

“I love the peace of mind and time for the family. The hotel and restaurant business cost me a couple of marriages.“


Passionate about food and healthy eating

“For whatever reasons all of us ended up in this career–we are still here because we are a proud bunch of people. And because we are proud–and probably stubborn, too–we are our own worst critics. It doesn’t matter whether we’re cooking in a 4- or 5-star kitchen or a sorority or fraternity house–we’re gonna push ourselves to present the best food we know how to produce.”


Honesty and Respect.  Do right for our employees and partners.

“I love the respect I get from the ladies and the positive environment. I also enjoy working for a growing company that still sees you as an individual not just ‘an employee.’”


Above all else—dedicated to enhancing the Greek Experience.

 “I know I affect their college experience by feeding someone early or late because of their class schedule, by serving foods that keep them alert, and my favorite thing to hear is they can’t wait to come back to the house after a break.  And, I really feel good when they graduate and come back and come looking for me to say ‘hi.’”