Texas Sigma Chi Rides the Scorpion

Our chefs enjoy the work they do for their houses because preparing food can be a lot of fun, especially for Greeks who appreciate creativity and trying new things. And sometimes that’s not just about the regular meals.

Chef Logan at Sigma Chi (University of Texas) took the opportunity this past fall to introduce his house to the “scorpion”—one of the hottest chili peppers on the planet. He prepared plates of hot wings with a special scorpion sauce, and then gathered the most adventurous of the house’s men to see if they could handle the fiery feast! As you can see, it made for a very exciting—and a little hilarious—spectator sport.

“You watch videos of people eating things like this and think it is hilarious…then our Chef asked if we wanted to try one.  Obviously we had to!” -Live in Member

Of course, there was a lot of bread, cantaloupe, and other food on hand to help the contenders try to cool down after their battle with the scorpion. (Chef Tip: Never try to cool down a pepper-burning mouth with water—it just spreads the heat around! Bread and other foods counteract the pepper.)

Your chef is there to feed the house, but they’re also there to help you learn more about eating healthy and foods you might not otherwise have experienced. If you have an idea for an event like Sigma Chi’s Scorpion Wing Nite, talk to your chef and house director: Campus Cooks would be thrilled to make it happen!