How to Overcome Gym Intimidation

Gyms can be fun, exciting and even a friendly place for people to come together and become healthier versions of themselves. Despite the benefits, gyms can cause major anxiety and intimidation. A sea of machines and free weights flooded with fit people could push even the most level headed person to opt staying at home.

A survey, sponsored by protein drink maker, isopure, found that as many as 50% experience “gymtimidation” when around others at their fitness club, nearly a third (32%) of respondents report feelings of intimidation when working out near someone who is excellent shape. Another 17% say they grow intimidated when exercising in front of someone of the opposite sex.

Here are some easy tips to help overcome gym intimidation:

1. Get in your Zone.
The best way to channel out everyone in the gym is to bring a pair of your favorite headphones and listen to whatever music that makes you feel confident. Focus on the music you are listening to. You could also listen to podcasts or audiobooks to keep your mind away from worrying about what others are thinking or doing. It will help you zone out and remember why you came there in the first place, which is to crush your workout!

2. Research and Come Well Prepared.

Before entering the gym it’s important to know what workouts you will be doing and how to properly execute them. The more you know how to perform a workout the less will worry about making a fool of yourself at the gym. Watching YouTube and Instagram videos or even hiring a personal trainer can really help you walk into the gym knowing what you are there for. Write out your workouts in the notes on your phone beforehand so you know exactly what to do throughout this will prevent you from becoming overwhelmed and leaving early.

3. Workout with a Buddy
Having a friend to workout can not only decrease your stress at the gym, it can also motivate you to show up as well. Having another person to keep you accountable to show up and do your workout can push you to be more motivated than ever. You two can also bond over “gymtimidation” and laugh it off together when something embarrassing or unintended happens. You both can also teach each other new workouts and explore what works best for you and your body.

4. Go During Slow Hours
If you’re overwhelmed by the amount of people at the gym, try going at weird hours outside of the typical work hour schedule. There are tons of gyms that are open 24 hours, and anytime between 9pm-5am could have an almost empty gym. A slow gym could be the cure to staying in the zone.

5. Analyze your Fears.

Take some time to really analyze what is making you feel intimidated and fearful of the gym. Feeling anxiety is normal when jumping into situations you are unfamiliar with. Understanding the source of apprehension will help eliminate nervousness.
Remind yourself that whatever your nervous about, there are many others that feel the same way. Remember that fear will only hold you back from reaching your greatest potential, so make it a priority to not be so hard on yourself when those negative thoughts pop up.

6. Act Confident and No One Will Question You!
Confidence is key. Pretend like you know what you’re doing and (we promise) no one will be judging you. Fake it until you make it until one day you are genuinely confident stepping in and out the gym. Better yet, working out in the gym will naturally give you more confidence over time because you are working towards a more healthier and happier you!