Bonnamu Brings Greeks Together for a Great Cause

Festival season has started, nation wide and Campus Cooks had the privilege of taking part but in a different way than you think.

Bonnamu, is a Bonnaroo inspired, battle of the bands philanthropic event, hosted by Phi Mu at Florida State University.In an event unlike any other in the Greek community, all fraternities are invited to start a band, showcasing their musical abilities. Creativity, talent & participation are judged as they battle for number one. All the soul-singing and guitar strumming, is done to support a greater cause; the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

The bands aren’t the only ones bringing soul in their performance. This year, Phi Mu raised over $14,000, reaching over $31,000 in total raised since Bonnamu began in 2013. The event encourages a fun and original way for the Greek to give back.

Imagine the amount of planning and coordination the sorority took to make this event a success, especially if their goal was to reach $30,000. Campus Cooks was pleased help make it easier for the chapter, beyond monetary sponsorship. The best to do this is what do best: food!

Chef Ben & Assistant Jen at Phi Mu have been the ‘soul’ food supporter for special Bonnamu fundraising events, which started a month prior. Ben & Jen made food for their fundraising events with no additional cost to the chapter. This means all the money raised can be donated directly towards the philanthropy. Campus Cooks helps make that possible and Ben & Jen absolutely *rock* both in & out of the kitchen. “I am happy to help and it feels great when the chapter is happy,” says Ben of his involvement thus far!

The heart and soul put into the philanthropy event is clear; with events held a month in advance, on top of all the organization that went into this amazing philanthropic event, it has been such a pleasure to be involved with the chapter, knowing they were giving back and doing something great for the Greek community.

It’s been an honor to sponsor and work alongside this group of women for both myself, Ben & Jen. Huge credit to Katie Robinson for her outstanding job as Philanthropy Chair! As a senior, it has to be a very special moment to graduate knowing the impact made in the chapter, the Greek community, and for the Children’s Miracle Network. The leadership and direction shown by her and the entire Bonnamu committee, has taken the musical event to where it is today. Your sisters must be very proud!

It is exciting to know that this event is only in its 3rd year and shows such strong participation and success. I am excited to see what next year will bring for the chapter and how much more it will grow. Here’s to another successful year…let the planning begin!



Christine Domino is the Marketing & Communication Specialist with Campus Cooks. She is a proud alumna of Northern Illinois University & experienced Campus Cooks service firsthand in her sorority. She began her professional career in the renowned Chicago restaurant industry. Even now, as a Marketing & PR professional, she continues  to Live One Heart One Way, every-single-day. With this blog, she’ll let you in on the life inside Campus Cooks, feeding the Greek experience, in the kitchens & beyond.