Why We Do It?

Do you want to know why we do it? A chapter is at its best when every member is healthy and happy.  The best way to achieve this is with a chef that can accommodate a variety of wants and recognize the needs of each and every member of the chapter. With ongoing training and strong support from operations, we will ensure the chef will improve the lives of every member by setting them up for the steps to success.

Excerpts from a STudent letter

“My first semester living in the Alpha house at College happened to coincide with a lot of family issues, casting me into a state of depression. Struggling in adjustment to both fraternity house life and my sister’s newly abusive boyfriend, terrible memories were brought back from my past; I often went the whole day without eating. The food at Alpha was nothing spectacular, mere cookie-cutter meals served right out of the package from which they were shipped. Second semester looked to be off to the same start with respect to my family, but something had changed-the chef of more than 30 years had retired! It was this change that made my life swing back into balance. Campus Cooks replaced her; and though only the food changed (albeit a massive upgrade), I found myself eating more and eating with my fraternity brothers.  It was as if the food had restored the brotherhood of chapter—which I had only heard about up until then. With the soon disappearance of my eating disorder, my grades also went up.  If it weren’t for Campus Cooks I would still be eating much less than my body requires; now I am exercising more than ever, and I have Campus Cooks to thank for that.  Our chef  is the best chef on campus, and other fraternity houses agree. Sorority girls often comment on the food and its excellence!  I tell all of my friends at fraternities in other schools about Campus Cooks, because I know having them will be a fond memory one day when they look back on their time in college.”