The owner, Bill Reeder, is one of the most trusted guys around.  When I have had a problem, it has been resolved within an hour (seriously, although it sounds hard to believe) and a solution provided.  They use quality food, have excellent supervisors, initial training for new employees, have a flexible in delivery style, and WANT to please the house.

House Director, Kappa Alpha Theta
Northwestern University

Our chef is professional, kind, and accommodating. He has a great sense of humor, and he is a great cook. Everything is FRESH! We are treated to lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. All of his sauces are made from scratch and very yummy. Every day at every meal the girls tell me how wonderful the food is and how kind and accommodating Chef is.
I feel like I died and went to heaven. I didn’t know that heaven had Chefs. I like it! I’m telling all my friends not to be afraid to die, heaven is great. Being a mom of boys, I have never been spoiled, but I feel spoiled now.

House Director, Delta Zeta
University of Kentucky

Our food service has been the best that we have had since I became an active, we very much appreciate the mix of professionalism and personality that Chef G brings to the table. He has recreated an environment that makes people want to eat at the house again. On non-chapter days we used to expect 20-30 people at dinner, now we can expect up to 60 people on any given day because 1) the food is better, and 2) the atmosphere is much more favorable.

Student, Phi Gamma Delta
Southern Methodist University

About two years ago I was diagnosed with having gluten intolerance and potentially Celiac’s disease. Ultimately, I was no longer preparing my own food and had to trust the chef that was making it. Since moving into my sorority house, I have become less stressed with the food that is being prepared for me.  If it wasn’t for the superior effort [our chef] puts into making sure I have everything I need or want to eat, I would not be able to enjoy the meals that I have today!

Student, Kappa Alpha Theta
Butler University

We have a very talented Chef … [Campus Cooks] have been great to provide for those who are vegetarian, have food restrictions, allergies, etc. Not only has my life been simplified, I would put our meals up against any on campus!

House Director, Delta Gamma
University of Kentucky