A Kitchen that Caters to Your Health

Sorority and Fraternity Kitchen Management

A great meal provides your fraternity or sorority with the energy needed for a day of classes and studying. It also provides the energy needed to enjoy breaks and leisure time with friends on campus. At Campus Cooks, we provide you with a kitchen that caters to your health, thanks to our ability to provide the best sorority and fraternity kitchen management.

What is Healthy?

  • Serving foods that are closer to their natural state
  • Providing a salad bar with 15 to 20 options of fruits, vegetables and protein
  • Utilizing lean proteins such as turkey, ground beef, chicken and fish
  • Reducing the use of butter and oils. Using corn starch slurry, instead of a roux
  • Flavoring sauces with fresh herbs and spices—shallots, ginger—instead of salt
  • Cutting back on the amount of heavy cream and using more milk
  • Turning off the deep fryer
  • Substituting chips & fries for salads, quinoa, fruit & root vegetable chips

Sorority and Fraternity Kitchen Management: Chef Angel's Pineapple Pork

How we are able to do it?

  • Locally sourced chefs with backgrounds in catering, country clubs and 5 star restaurants
  • Over 65 hours of training for a new hire before they start service in your fraternity or sorority house. Training includes menu development, safety & sanitation, handling of allergies and dietary restrictions
  • Inventive, artistic food presentations for special events, holidays, alumni dinners, homecoming, parents’ weekend, etc. —check out our Social Media Channels
  • Healthy, varied food menus tailored to your house membership including special attention to allergy and dietary restrictions

Our Promise to You

Sorority and Fraternity Kitchen Management

  • Food will be plentiful, visually appealing, flavorful and always served on time
  • Professional kitchen staff dressed in appropriate chef attire who will be responsive to questions or concerns from house members and administrators
  • Chef will follow proper sanitation standards and kitchen will always be clean & organized

With Campus Cooks you get more than a great meal plan—you get a team of professionals who dedicate themselves to enhancing the entire Greek experience.