Managing Liabilities

YOur ROle as an advisor

‘Selfless’ is the best way to describe being an advisor. An advisor invests time and resources into providing guidance into developing tomorrow’s leaders. The advisor wants the chapter to be successful for generations, but when you are dealing with problems on a daily basis, how can you provide the support the members deserve? Campus Cooks helps you in managing liabilities.

Typically, an advisor or House Director are concerned with 3 main pillars of the house:

  1. Upkeep and maintenance of the chapter
  2. Advising/guiding the members
  3. Managing the kitchen and its staff

Removing the worry

The kitchen is one of the most challenging aspects in managing a sorority or fraternity. We can provide a system that alleviates the concerns, worries and liabilities of having a fully functioning kitchen in your chapter’s house.
Liabilities that plague a chapter:

  • Budget overruns
  • Theft
  • Injury
  • Property damage
  • Worker Compensation Insurance
  • Food (sanitation, safety, allergies)
  • Chef and labor laws/taxes
  • Sanitation
  • Hiring staff

Bill Reeder, founder and President of Campus Cooks, experienced these first hand on a daily basis as President of the Housing Corporation at Phi Kappa Psi, Northwestern University.  If you can identify with some of the points above, reach out to us to discuss our services and how we can make key changes to the functionality of your chapter.

Our cook of 10 plus years decided to retire in December! Campus Cooks worked with us to look at the finances and make a sound financial choice. Once we gave the OK, Campus Cooks evaluated our kitchen, hired a cook, worked with us to organize the transition from our previous cook, began training the new cook and were ready for the start of the spring semester in January. They, we, didn’t miss a beat. The guys can’t believe the great food. Thank you Campus Cooks for turning a potentially bad situation into a win!