What Great Food Means

A great meal isn’t just appetizing; it’s nourishing. It provides you with the energy you need for a day of classes and studying as well as the ability to enjoy your breaks and leisure time with your friends and housemates.

Campus Cooks’ team of chefs are never satisfied with serving the same few meals to their houses–they do research, share recipes with each other, and spend hours creating one-of-a-kind dishes exclusively for the Greeks they serve. We pride ourselves on preparing healthy, nutritious meals with fresh ingredients, and creating monthly menus–with input from house members–that are varied and exciting.¬†And safety is never a secondary concern: Because any house may have members with dietary restrictions or allergies, our chefs also make major efforts to create meals that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Our Promise To You

  • Food will be plentiful, visually appealing, and delicious, prepared according to proper cooking procedures, temperature requirements, and noted dietary restrictions, and always served on time.
  • Kitchen staff will be properly attired and professional, and will be responsive to questions or concerns from house members and administrators.
  • Kitchen surfaces, service lines, storage areas, and equipment will be maintained and cleaned to the highest sanitation standards.