The movement for local, organic produce cannot be denied. People want fruits and veggies that are picked when ready and sold same day, same area. The taste and health benefits of local foods are sought after and made available in the popular “farm-to-table” restaurant movement. We’d all love to know exactly where our food comes from when dining out. However, that’s not really the case unless you’re dining at a farm-to-table restaurant – Is that even an option in your college town?
For many fraternities and sororities we cook for, it simply is the case. They have invested their health in our chef’s hands and they are eating farm-to-table style, in their chapter house. Here’s what I mean:


At the Kappa Delta sorority house at Indiana University, the chapter expressed interest in getting the freshest fruits and vegetables around. Kirt Jones, Supervisor for IU has made that a reality and the chapter eats the freshest food on the block (row, village or what have you). Turnips, radishes, potatoes, squash, acorn squash are just a few of the items the KD’s gets from a local farm known as Living Roots Eco-village in French Licke, Indiana. Featured below is a spinach salad with shaved brussel sprout and rainbow carrots; farm-to-the-table in all its glory.

KD IU spinach salad


Next we head south to Alpha Chi Omega at University of Georgia, Athens where Chef Travis Stephens cooks up the tastiest dishes. When he started cooking for the chapter, the women were adamant about getting healthful, organic produce which was clear when Travis noticed the House Mom, Miss Donna was already tending to a sorority house garden outside. Travis was all about it and making it happen wasn’t hard at all. He orders produce from Market Fresh Produce Co. in Bogart, Georgia. It’s a family owned farm that delivers their produce to businesses in the area, including the AXO sorority house. Their favorites are delivered daily: strawberries, blackberries, blueberries and pineapple – a *Greek* yogurt lovers dream. Athens was also named one of the best college towns for foodies so it’s neat to see them living up to their name.

Chef Travis also uses the herbs and produce from the sorority house garden and helps Miss Donna upkeep it (pictured below). They grow “rosemary, thyme and sage”, garlic and tomatoes (per the season). Travis incorporates these garden essentials into their dinners. AXO UGA Garden


The reality here is that these women don’t have to travel to a farm-to-table restaurant in the next major metropolitan area or even spend loads of money on a shopping cart full of organic food; our chefs are doing it for them in their college homes. Yes, it’s actually possible to eat right and deliciously while you’re away at school. Freshman fifteen, who?

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