Frequently Asked Questions

  • How are you different from another company?

    Campus Cooks is a business that provides a service—food/staffing.  We are not a caterer or group of chefs trying to run a business.  Campus Cooks not only trains our chefs on safety and sanitation, menu development, the handling of allergies and other dietary restrictions, but most importantly, what it means to work in a Greek house.  This translates into a client retention rate of 92%.

  • How do you determine the cost of the program?

    Cost is dependent upon number of meals per week, days per week, # of out of housers, live-ins.  We take our time to understand your needs and do not price the program to be dependent upon what type of meals are served and the quality of the meals served.

  • What kind of professional experience do your chefs have?

    Our chefs have experience working for such organizations as the Green Bay Packers and internationally known music acts like The Goo Goo Dolls. Some have also served as personal chefs for luminaries such as Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay, baseball Hall of Famer Nolan Ryan, and former President and First Lady George H.W. and Barbara Bush.

  • Why does Campus Cooks specialize in fraternities and sororities?

    Many of our team members--including our founder and president--are Greek alumni themselves, and value the time they spent with their houses. Providing exemplary food service is a way for us to give back to a community that has remained an important part of our lives.

  • Am I locked into a long term contract?

    Unlike other companies, Campus Cooks’ contract are for a year with a 30-day cancellation policy.  If you are not happy, then we are not happy.

  • How much input on the food do I have?

    As much as you want.  Campus Cooks is a guest in your house.  You will sit down weekly with the chef to plan the menu and review special events.  If you have an idea for a meal that you think your house will enjoy, pass it along to your chef...they'll work with you to discuss the possibilities.

  • Anything I have not asked or should know?

    Whether you employ your own chef or hire a kitchen management company, please ensure you are compliant of local, state and federal laws.  This includes sales tax, labor laws, insurance, legal registration, etc…Cutting a corner today will only lead to a headache in the future.

  • Is food available outside of meal times?

    Our chefs make sure fresh fruit, snacks, breakfast, and beverages are stocked and available 24 hours a day.

  • Our house has members with food allergies. How can Campus Cooks take care of them?

    Before food service begins, we learn about food allergies and dietary restrictions in the chapter and then tailor our menus specifically to respond to those issues. Food safety is of the highest concern for us.