Special Events

Special Events: Purdue University Grand Priz Melon

Campus Cooks not only improves your kitchen, we are committed to the entire house.  Every chapter has different values, philanthropies, special events and goals. We recognize the importance of these and we want to be a part of them. We are committed to being the level of organization and professionalism you need for your event and will provide culinary artistry to impress your guests. Whether it’s a formal dinner, a race for the campus Grand Prixa philanthropic event, or needing 1,000 cupcakes for recruitment, Campus Cooks can help your expectations become realities. Additionally, we support philanthropies that translates to over $250,000 in donations to the charities your chapter identifies.

We had a dinner for the President of the university and his wife and it was ‘like dining in a 5-star restaurant’ … beautifully presented and tasted wonderful.  [Campus Cooks] worked on this project so hard and for such long hours I don’t think the flowers I got them was enough compensation. I am so lucky we have Campus Cooks.



Talk to us and find out how we can enhance your kitchen and provide the opportunity for a wonderful Greek experience at your special events.


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Special Events: Campus Cooks' Chef prepares 600 cupcakes