Campus Cooks Sigma Nu Parents Weekend

Pride, creativity, professionalism and genuine passion…the ingredients to a successful chef at Campus Cooks.

Campus Cooks seeks out professional and passionate chefs. Our chefs know the value of what a delicious, healthy meal can do for the morale of an individual and a group in whole.
We are located all around the country and are always seeking qualified individuals. Unlike restaurants, country clubs, and catering jobs, you get the ability to have a set schedule that allows you to maintain a quality of life you probably are not used to.

Scroll below to check out all the current career opportunities:

You may be asking yourself what exactly it means to be a Chef with Campus Cooks?  Think ALPHA:

Always growing – A company that provides daily support to help you achieve goals, build and maintain healthy relationships, and allows you to enhance your career.

Living – A life balance that you probably have not experienced in years.  Set schedules, holiday breaks, and no more late nights.

Passionate – Food and healthy eating are at the core of what we do.  Creativity and fun are a must!

Honesty – Along with respect, we DO RIGHT for our clients and employees provide the best environment and experience all around.

Above all else – We are dedicated to the success of the Greek Experience.  

Where do you start? Once you have applied, the Campus Cooks Hiring Coordinator will review your credentials and contact you if they meet the criteria. A call with the Head of Recruitment will occur which consists of a few questions, such as general background, how to make a couple classical items, how to communicate with clients in tough situations, and what you like to do in your free time (because now that you will have more of it, want to make sure you have some hobbies). From there, if all meet our requirements, you will meet for an in-person interview with the local supervisor. They will decide from that and that is about all!

QUICK TIP: If you get scheduled for a phone interview, know a bit of the company first. Check out the website further and content within our social media.