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    Roasting and Recipes with Chef Brandon

    Many people know roasted vegetables taste better, but what does roasting mean? It has a long history. Roasting started as an “open-air activity with a hand-turned spit revolving over a ...

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    Time for Late Summer Avocados!

    Time to celebrate – avocados are coming into season! Huzzah Huzzah! Time to take advantage of this fact and let your house enjoy the bounty of the harvest. A few avocado facts:

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    Campus Cooks: Testimonial

    Find out why current clients agree that Campus Cooks is the go-to food service and kitchen management company for their fraternity and sorority.

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    Introduction to Campus Cooks

    Campus Cooks is here to take the stress out of the kitchen, to manage the operations, but we’re not telling you what you can and cannot eat. Introduce yourself to ...

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