App Update – Jan 2017

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Campus Cook Mobile App Update

Download the Campus Cooks App from Apple and Google todaySorority and Fraternity Kitchen Management: Bill Reeder, PresidentSorority and Fraternity Kitchen Management: Bill Reeder, President

With the latest update we have brought a few changes. The big update is the ability to cancel late plates from within the app. You may have also noticed a change in the layout of the menu. You can now browse your menu like a calendar where breakfast, lunch and dinners are visible on one page.

Menu Update

  • Better Menu interface
  • Your Daily Meals Consolidated To One Screen
  • Easily Access Your Menu In A New Calendar Format

Cancel Late Plate

  • You can now cancel a late plate directly from the app! No need to find your chef and let him know in person.
  • You can cancel single entry late plates or reoccurring ones
  • Easy access to view your existing late plates

To update your app, visit your phone’s app store or click the link on the right to be taken directly to the app.

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